150 Ways to Automate Service Management Throughout Your Organization

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An IT Service Catalog is a supermarket of available services. Managers and employees of a company constantly request and deliver services to each other. From marketing and human resources to procurement and facilities, every department of an organization is a consumer as well as a provider of services. Here is a whitepaper titled, "150 Ways to Automate Service Management Throughout Your Organization." This will help peers automate their work functions and improve services across the organization. It's time to remove the exclusivity from the IT Service Catalog.

Why Should You Automate Service Requests?

The next emerging trend in service management is here to stay. Treating employees like valued customers and providing them with all the necessary equipment they require to excel at their jobs is the need of the hour. The leading consumer products in the market have mastered the art of enhancing customer experience. It is important for self-service options to be easily  accessible and plentiful. The two major factors driving revenue are customer as well as employee satisfaction. The level attained by external customer experience will set the bar for the service level expected by the employees internally. There are a wide range of tools at the disposal of a service provider to help streamline communication, conflict resolution, predict potential challenges, and manage relationships.

Introduction to Employee-Focused Service Management

Generally, IT is considered the one-stop shop for all employees to make requests and get work done. In today's modern workplace, each department is a service provider. Hence, the service catalog needn't just belong to IT. Considered to be the leaders in the expansion of the best practices in IT service management (ITSM), IT managers can help finance, HR, marketing and human resources. An employee service portal is a one-stop shop to submit IT tickets, event catering requests or changes in HR benefits. Being a centralized location, it can help employees resolve queries pertaining to their relevant departments. With the help of modern technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, an automated service catalog can provide employees with much-needed support and resources.

Benefits of Automation

Since every department in an organization is a service provider, it's time to take the service catalog beyond IT. Businesses can elevate the service experience throughout the organization by offering a one-stop shop. Through automation, employees can submit tickets and save precious resources and time. The secret behind successful companies is the fact that they treat their employees like their best customers. They can do so only by integrating service request automation which helps to enable a seamless employee experience. It is essential to elevate the service experience across the entire organization.

Key Takeaways from "150 Ways to Automate Service Management Throughout Your Organization"

  • Introduction to Employee-Focused Service Management
  • How service catalog workflows affect multiple departments of an organization
  • Automation of IT, HR, marketing, finance, facilities, etc
  • Benefits of Automation and food for thought
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