28 Tools to Conquer the Social Media Recruiting World

28 Tools to Conquer the Social Media Recruiting World

28 Tools to Conquer the Social Media Recruiting World Social recruiting tools are being used to help find new employees.

Experts Weigh In: What Are Recruiters Doing Wrong?

A common mistake, according to Sophie Deering, a Senior Account Executive at Link Humans, for recruiters is that they spam people with ads for jobs. Matthew Kosinki, an Online Editor at Recruiter.com claims that today, recruiters use social media for transactional purposes and not long term. He says that the main goal is to build a community. Katrina Collier, who works as a Social Recruiting Specialist and founder of Winning Impression Ltd. states that social media should be used to have online conversations and not used as job boards, which is something a lot of recruiters do. With this, it becomes clear that recruiters require assistance in their social recruiting efforts. This list has been created of recruiting software tools to help recruiters hire using social media.

Chapter 1: Tools to Find Candidates

  • SilkRoad Recruiting
  • Bullhorn Reach
  • Electoral
  • Entelo Search
  • Recruit'em
  • TalentBin by Monster
  • Workable

Chapter 2: Tools to Attract Candidates

  • BuzzSumo
  • FullContact
  • Hootsuite
  • Jobcast
  • Textio
  • Zoho Recruit

Chapter 3: Tools for Mobile

  • AkkenOnTheGo
  • HireVue
  • Jobvite
  • LinkedIn Recruiter
  • TheLadders Recruiter

Chapter 4: Tools for Employee Referrals

  • iCIMS Social Distribution
  • Newton
  • RolePoint Refer
  • Zao

Chapter 5: Tools for Research, Analysis and Reporting

  • Bitly
  • Greenhouse
  • Google Analytics
  • Hashtagify
  • J-Index from Joberate
  • SmartRecruiters

Best Practices When Considering Social Media Recruiting Tools

Here are some tips when deciding which tool to use for recruiting:
  • Follow the talent. Find out what platforms your niche target hires use and then find tools to help recruiting efforts on that network
  • Integrate the system and application process seamlessly to help in keeping track of everything and limit the number of systems
  • Get tools that will provide support in the present and future by building social buzz for when there are vacancies later. Keep in mind that there will be vacancies in the future and use tools that will help with that
  • Utilize marketing tools over recruiting tools by finding tools that will market your company well and result in candidates coming to you
  • Do not ignore the potential of social media and test out strategies to find tools to give companies an edge

Key Takeaways:

  • There are a lot of tools available to help recruiters in accessing the best candidates for their available job profile
  • There are different types of tools that provide different functionalities which should be chosen based on the target hire, job roles available and type of company
  • There are a few best practices to keep in mind while selecting a tool
  • Social media acts as a big part in helping the recruitment process

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