3 Applicant Tracking Systems to Help You Evaluate And Screen Candidates

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Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled 3 Applicant Tracking Systems to Help You Evaluate And Screen Candidates There is no time for any recruiter to be able to go through all the resumes they receive, and now they do not have to. There are a lot of applicant tracking systems available to help screen candidates. If you get the wrong ATS software, you will end up wasting time, money and candidates because the system doesn’t support your needs. This is why it is important for ATS software buyers to check and verify real software reviews to help them in the selection process.

Online Pre-Screening Questions: Zoho Recruit

It is possible to pre-screen questions using the Zoho Recruit ATS. Zoho Recruit offers a list of default questions for recruiters which they can send to candidates, along with a custom questionnaire option. Recruiters can choose when they want to send the questions to applicants.

Video interviewing: ApplicantPRO

ApplicantPRO is an ATS which allows recruiters to send pre-decided questions to candidates and gives the candidates the option to record their answers. The videos are shareable among members of the hiring team to help make collaborative hiring decisions.

Resume parsing: CEIPAL TalentHire

CEIPAL TalentHire is a human capital management software. It comes with a module for applicant acquisition. It is powered by artificial intelligence. This means that recruiters can screen and parse bulk resumes using TalentHire and easily select the ones that match candidate skills to job requirements.

Next steps in choosing your ATS

The following points need to be considered to make sure you are making the right ATS software choice for your business.
  • Pricing models
  • Features and functionality
  • Customer support

Key Takeaways:

  • Applicant tracking systems software helps recruiters simplify the hiring process for their business
  • It is important to select the right ATS software so as to save time, money and also not lose out on candidates
  • There are different applications that come with specialized features such as recording video responses, pre-screening of all questions and being able to parse through a large number of resumes
  • When a business is selecting their ATS software they need to keep the pricing models, the features and functionality and customer support modules in mind

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