3 Benefits of ERP in the Manufacturing Industry You Never Considered

Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled 3 Benefits of ERP in the Manufacturing Industry You Never Considered   An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is used to bring together different points of view along with data sources to create a holistic view of all operations in the company to help business owners in making decisions based on their effects.

Forecast Production Demand With CRM

When you use a traditional ERP system you have to include CRM functionalities with it, regardless of your company being a B2B or B2C one. It becomes easy to collect data for showing important KPIs, such as:
  • Historical sales and trends
  • Historical trends for vendors
  • Historical machine availability

Minimize Delays Using Supply Chain Visibility With SCM

Every aspect in the supply chain impacts all the others. Late deliveries when it comes to raw materials will delay schedules. To avoid these delays, the best way would be to be transparent towards the entire supply chain. Features available in ERP software also help companies connect with new suppliers. This is done by creating many requests for information that will help in identifying vendors who can act as alternatives. This, along with forecasting, decreases the chances of a company getting caught off guard by delays.

How Do You Select Your ERP?

For all companies, when they want to begin evaluating ERP systems and select them, they need to bring together all leaders from every department and consider the following:
  • Determine the company's business goals to reach an agreement about the features the company needs from their ERP software
  • Define the structure of the company to maximize the impact of the ERP software and increase the benefits the company gets from such a comprehensive new technology for every single part of the business is understood before time.
  • Understand all data sources and estimate the way in which and the size of the information that is coming in. By knowing this beforehand, the implementation of the ERP software can become a smoother experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Companies adopt the ERP software to create a holistic approach to all operations in the enterprise
  • Features in the ERP software help with forecasting and connecting with new suppliers
  • Companies need to determine the goals for their business, define the structure of their company and understand how the data is coming into the company

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