3 REASONS: Why DevOps is a Game-Changer for Security

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Read the latest whitepaper, 3 Reasons Why DevOps is a Game-Changer for Security A lot has been written about how and why a DevOps revolution is making life difficult for cybersecurity. This has resulted in cybersecurity constantly trying to identify and secure assets and applications after release. So what is the answer to this dilemma? The answer is simple; businesses need to begin encouraging their cybersecurity teams to embrace DevOps principles as a part of their own processes and workflows. The following are the three main reasons why you need to consider combining your DevOps and security.

Including security in DevOps:

Security needs to become an integral part of a developer’s life. This will help you make sure that security is not an afterthought during development.

Why DevOps should be automated:

Cybersecurity must embrace automated testing and auditing wherever possible. By building security into DevOps you can increase the effectiveness of your cybersecurity

For proactive prevention

It is important to proactively identify and remediate vulnerabilities during development in order to save a tremendous amount of time and money.

Key Takeaways of this DevOps whitepapers are:

  • How to adapt security testing tools and processes
  • How to automate security into the CI/CD toolchain
  • What is the impact of secure DevOps on your bottom line?
  • Ways to increase security awareness and commitment across teams

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