A Checklist for Success: What to do Before you Digitize

Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled,

Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled, "A Checklist for Success: What to do Before you Digitize" There are seven things that one can do to make your or your company's digitization process a successful one. Digitization makes sense because of the quick and easy accessibility of all documents. They are available at the touch of a fingertip, and no one has to go around fishing for two hours for a filed document from ten years ago, since everything is online. The steps to follow to ensure a smooth and successful digitization process are as follows:

Select with Care

Keep track of all current businesses processes. This will help in determining where digitizing could increase efficiency as well as justify its implementation. One has to keep in mind the cost of scanning before making the decision as well.

Define your Goals

Define the reasons for your company to shift to a digitized process. Understand why the company needs to capture information electronically, and the goals that you will achieve by doing so. If your company has clear high-level business requirements, integration points and expected outcomes, it will be easier to find the functionality that you want. Keep in mind the regulatory requirements and compliance as well.

Build a Business Case

Align your business case for digitization with the short and long term goals of the company. Involve senior management to make them understand the benefits of digitization and provide additional support. Define roles played by different teams before involving vendors into the equation.

Build a Team

Keep the team you build a cross-functional one. Get representatives from each department of your company. For example, involve a member from business development, IT, and legal areas. Communicate the process clearly and the tech involved, along with the milestones, to involve every member of the team completely. It is a business solution for the company, not just a technology.

Divide to Conquer

Clean and group files before scanning them to simplify the digitization process. Ensure there is enough capacity available for both to avoid any mistakes and miscommunication. Plan well and plan wisely before beginning the process.

Put People First

When you digitize, think of the people first. Focus on the user experience. Make sure the metadata being put forward is realistic because they are key to locating the right document quickly. The metadata should be defined properly and guided by experts.

Manage Your Vendor

Make sure you do not finalize and hire your vendor for digitization too early. Vendors should be hired only after all the planning is in place and the teams are formed. After you define your project and business needs, a vendor can guide you and simplify the digitization process. Otherwise, it can prove to be a distraction.

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