Applicant Tracking Systems Software: Buyer’s Guide

Applicant Tracking Systems Software: Buyer’s Guide When companies use applicant tracking system (ATS) software, their recruiters become able to use different features like customizing all hiring workflows, management of resumes and scoring of applications to reduce recruitment costs and improve the quality of employees they hire in a shorter span of time.

The Benefits of ATS Software

Customized hiring workflows

Each company has a different hiring and evaluation process. With ATS it becomes possible to customize the entire workflow across the company and standardize all the steps involved in the recruiting process.

Automated job posting

ATS platforms can be used to post job openings as well across their careers page, social media and other job boards. This saves the HR team some valuable time.

Candidate data management

ATS software can be used to keep all the resumes and applicationsn safely and categorize them based on their positions. One can also create comprehensive profiles with various filters such as job role, age, skills, loration and so on, making it easier for the HR team to find their candidates.

Applicant scoring and ranking

ATS software comes with a consolidated platform where recruiters and hiring managers can collaborate and evaluate all job applications togeher. Since everything is combined and shared on one space, everyone will end up using the same criteria for evaluation for each candidate. Some ATS software can even rank the candidates automatically based on the requirements you post for each individual job role.

Recruiting analytics and reporting

ATS software letes you track where the candidates fail in your recruitment process as well as the source that gives you the highest quality of candidates. These systems can also generate reports for compliance and keep all stakeholders updated.

Different Businesses Sizes that Use ATS Software

ATS software can be utilized across various industries and are categorized based on the number of employees in the company. A small business buyer would have their employee count be anywhere between one and fifty, and they usually do not have a dedicated HR department for recruitment. A midsize business buyer would have around 51-500 employees working in the organization and these companies are the ones that are usually experiencing rapid growth, which is why they would need an internal recruiter. An Enterprise business buyer would have more than 500 employees under him as well as a team solely for recruitment purposes as well as a dedicated IT department.

Key Takeaways:

  • ATS software optimizes the recruitment process for companies
  • The systems come with highly customizable options that will help the HR teams systematically categorize and rank their candidates
  • ATS software is used across many industries, based on the size of the company

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