Application Security for Contemporary Software Development and Deployment

Category : Information Technology

While technologies continue to evolve and develop so is the threat landscape. With increasingly dangerous and malicious actors focusing their attention on developing more sophisticated and targeted attacks, cybersecurity has become the call of the hour.

With the increase in cybersecurity threats, incorporating security in cybersecurity principles and tools in contemporary software development and deployment methodologies is absolutely necessary. The following research establishes the importance of security for your applications, development and operations (DevOps) process and agile.

Read about the importance of application security and application security testing and how do Appsec, Agile and DevOps tools function together. While application security was not taken seriously previously, it is now becoming an increasingly important part of security architecture.

Key takeaways:

  • The importance of Appsec is rapidly increasing and requires AppDev and security teams to come together
  • Organizations perceive increased value from the automation of AppSec via DevOps
  • Mobile and Cloud first initiatives equalizing with AppSec priorities

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