Avichal S

Published Whitepapers

Transforming the corporate WAN

Telia Carrier commissioned a survey in the second half of 2020 to understand the state of corporate-wide area networks. The survey was conducted online and inc...

03 Aug 2021 Avichal S
The Future of Tax Departments

Digitization and globalization have led to a social, cultural, and political shift in all areas of public life including taxes. What is considered necessary and...

27 Jun 2021 Avichal S
Security for Modern Data Centers

The number of cyber threats facing organizations has increased. Most recently, the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline Company highlighted how crucia...

28 May 2021 Avichal S
The 2020 State of Software Delivery

The total size of the SaaS market 2019 was USD 141 billion[1]. The increase in remote working brought on by the global pandemic significantly increase the numbe...

01 Apr 2021 Avichal S
What is Testing in Production?

According to Compuware, 48% of users are less likely to use an app again if it does not perform well. 88% of Americans form a negative opinion of a brand if it ...

26 Mar 2021 Avichal S
Planning for Office 365 Gaps

There is a major shift happening in the world of enterprise IT systems. Many organizations are trading on-premises systems for cloud-based solutions, a move tha...

24 Mar 2021 Avichal S