How Better Data Can Supercharge Your ABM Program

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  Download the latest whitepaper titled "How Better Data Can Supercharge Your ABM Program" on Whitepapers Online Technographics are the considered to be the main ingredient in successful account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. Companies that sell technology dependent products or services find them extremely useful. They are responsible for delivering the complete records for the software technologies and core hardware used by organizational prospects. Sales and marketing teams use this vital data to target the right size and scope of audience for their products, and deliver a well-honed pitch highlighting the benefits.   Launching an ABM program requires numerous customer data and this is where firmographics prove useful. Additionally, demographics also help in targeting the designated individuals in organizations. Hence, ABM campaigns can become more focused, efficient and target-driven with better data. Using the right kind of data can help organizations reach their goals, whether they want to overtake a competitor, boost renewals and upgrades, or offer complementary solutions. Read the following whitepaper to understand how to utilize technographics to make your campaigns more effective.

Benefits of Using the Right Data for ABM

The definition of ABM is centered around marketing your product/service to a pre-qualified and well-defined audience of companies. ABM is a better substitute for the traditional mass marketing approach. This is due to the fact that it helps sales teams in better customer engagement to understand their needs and address them accordingly. Some of the other benefits of ABM are: improved sales forecasting, more compelling marketing, tighter alignment of sales and marketing efforts as well as increased account presence.

Why Technographics are Considered a Super Ingredient

Traditionally, ABM managers have compiled their customer data using demographics and firmographics. Tech companies require a total understanding of their base of installed technology. The use of technographics has revolutionized the way marketing and sales team work. Some of the benefits of using technographics include: a better understanding of markets, creating unique marketing messages, being better prepared for sales pitches Moreover, technographics provide a complete account profile to help companies identify best-selling opportunities. Here are some ways technographics can be used to enhance ABM strategies:
  • Sales Automation
  • Account Targeting
  • Micro-messaging Campaigns
  • Digital Advertising
  • Sales Territory Assignments

Key Takeaways form Supercharging Your ABM Program with Better Data

  • How technographics can work for your organization
  • Technographics are the super ingredient you need
  • Finding the right data is crucial to achieve success in ABM strategies
  • Examples of the multiple ways in which technographics improve ABM initiatives
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