Beyond Cost Savings: Cloud as an Accelerator of Digital Disruptions

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Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled Beyond Cost Savings: Cloud as an Accelerator of Digital Disruptions   The ferocity of competition in today's digital age is unparalleled to any other because all local markets are expanding and reaching the national level, and at the same time, all national markets are expanding to reach global levels. The only thing in common among local and national industries is that they are constantly being disrupted.

While Many Debate, Few Disrupt

The most important thing to take into consideration in today's market of disruption is the common features that are exhibited in each disruption. These are: • There is either a constant reimagining of existing value propositions or new ones are being created • All the interfaces which are used to facilitate digital interactions with a company's consumers and users of products or services are common especially during the installation, usage and support stages of the transformation • The data acquired and used from telematics and other sources are extensive. This enables experience innovation and enhancement of the software in companies • There is a common usage of agile engineering cycles and cloud infrastructures in both local and national markets

Time Saved is Time spent on Disrupting

The adoption of the Cloud in companies reduces the cost of infrastructure. It also increases the speed of product development cycles for all high-tech industries. Companies that use high-tech, all cloud development and support infrastructure is agreed upon by the finance department in most of the cases without any further debate.

How Exactly Does the Cloud Enable or Defend Against Disruption?

When industries undergo digital transformation and adopt the Cloud, all procurement of infrastructure and provisioning gets reduced from two to three months with the models that are on premises to no more than eight minutes on the cloud. The agility of software development cycles helps in decreasing the overall cycle time from taking over six to nine months to no more than four or five months.

So, What Do High-Tech Teams Do With All That Time They Save?

Companies use the time they have saved to spend it on engaging with their business and improving all their customer relationships.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a constant expansion in companies in today's digital world
  • Local industries are moving towards the national scale and national level companies are expanding to reach global levels
  • When companies shift to the Cloud, they can spend their time in expanding and disrupting the market to create a better name for themselves and improve their relationship with their consumers

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