Choosing the right e-learning partner and getting buy-in throughout the organization

Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled,

Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled, "Choosing the right e-learning partner and getting buy-in throughout the organization"The training needs of companies are evolving. Training needs to be on standby, i.e. easy for employees to access wherever and whenever. Today, technology-based training is everywhere and many companies are taking the e-learning plunge. It is necessary to learn what to look for in an e-learning provider. This includes how to motivate staff members to benefit from training and how to convince c-level that it makes sense for the company.

What is E-Learning?

Simply put, e-learning is the use of electronic media for the purpose of education. E-learning can be CD or web-based, self-paced or instructor-led. It can also be delivered through laptops, PCs, smartphones and tablets. A few advantages of e-learning include real-time access to training, reduced training costs, improved productivity and standardization in delivery. Moreover, e-learning programs can also decrease the overall time that is needed to complete a training program. Some of the steps to ensure a smooth venture into e-learning are:
  • Knowing your audience
  • Preparing a concrete plan
  • Choosing a reputable e-learning provider
  • Using organizational management to gain support

Advantages of Choosing a Third Party

The current need of an organization opting for an e-learning provider is getting results, not design or architecture. Pairing up with a solid provider gives the benefit of experience and lessons learned.
  • Less time-consuming
  • Most of the tech training needs are fairly standard
  • Maximization of investment
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Integrity of material

Things to Look for in an E-Learning Provider

There are different ways to check out a new e-learning partner before. Some of the important factors to consider include:
  • Consistency in the course material
  • Additional features
  • Procure similar samples and references relevant to the project
  • Advice from clients who have utilized the services of the provider
  • Look out for red flags
  • A thorough review of the curriculum
  • Simplicity in navigation
  • Solid results

Convince Senior Management to Obtain Organizational Buy-in

While presenting an e-learning program to stakeholders and key decision makers, the focus should be on value and sustainable, improved results.
  • Understand expectations
  • Define success and align objectives with goals
  • Consistent reporting
  • Quick wins
  • Internal advocates

The Role of E-Learning in Technology Training

E-learning can particularly impact training technology teams. Their learning needs are constantly changing as new technologies and best practices are introduced. Some key advantages of e-learning are:
  • Distinction from instructor-led training
  • Creation of a safe space for participants to fail and succeed
  • Outdated classroom curriculum in the tech world
  • Practice what you preach: tech solutions
  • E-learning solutions are a huge leap forward
After getting all the pieces together in one place, it's time to act. Managers should be motivated so they can motivate their employees. Careful consideration of organizational needs, solutions and a good e-learning partner will ensure the success of all future e-learning initiatives.

Key Takeaways from "Choosing the right e-learning partner and getting buy-in throughout the organization"

  • Detailed definition of e-learning
  • How e-learning is applicable to technical teams
  • Things to look for in an e-learning partner
  • Making the most of your investment
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