Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled Cold Calling Tips and TricksEven though there has been research that supports that cold calling has become obsolete, there is also strong evidence stating otherwise. It highlights the importance of cold calling in the modern day B2B world. Sure, cold calling can get painful at times, but when you use the right tactics, it can become an effective way of generating quality leads.

Cold Calling Strategies that Win

Set Your Schedule

It is important to avoid distractions and implement structure for your calling schedule. Map out goals and agendas and compare them with the real metrics. Evaluate your productivity and create a strategy to improve your results.

Patience and Persistence

While research showcases the value in persistence, nearly half of all sales professionals give up on the prospect after just one attempt of follow-up. Following up with potentials is how you generate leads.

Do the Research

Research about your prospect and gather information before connecting with them. B2B buyers are five times more likely to engage with professionals who know their business and can provide insights, but most of them think they are unaware of their business, due to which only a small percentage of sales reps actually end up making significant connections with their prospects.

Timing is Key

Sales reps need to chalk out timings in the day and days in the week when prospects can get highest engagements.

Manage Your Mindset

The main goal of any cold call is to set up a meeting by engaging the prospect. The first connection is more important than closing the deal. Sales reps need to stay on topic, be direct and be mindful of the language and tone.

Request Feedback

Use all available features and ask for feedback from management and colleagues to improve your performance.

Adopt Auto Dialing Technologies

Auto-dialing eliminates a lot of manual and redundant tasks. They also have features that let sales rep leave previously recorded messages and help increase productivity.

Use Direct Dials

When sales representatives have access to direct dials, the gatekeepers acting as a hindrance no longer remain a cause for concern, which increases the chances of connecting with a prospect.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cold calling is still an effective way for sales representatives to generate leads
  • There are a few strategies that sales reps can implement to increase the effectiveness of the sales calls such as scheduling timings for calls, taking feedback, using direct dials and auto dialing technologies, and more

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