Controlling Your SaaS Environment

Download the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled,

Download the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled, "Controlling Your SaaS Environment" Read the following whitepaper Controlling Your SaaS Environment to understand the new framework for securing, managing and supporting mission-critical applications in the new modern workplace. The first framework of its kind for managing and securing your SaaS apps. In today's world, software-as-a-Service (SaaS) adoption is on the rise. Companies use 16 SaaS applications on an average today, that is 33% up from the year 2016. 38% of organizations claim that they're already running 80% or more. IT leaders are raving about BetterCloud's ebook, that features the first-ever framework to manage and secure your SaaS apps. Thanks to this framework, readers will get an unprecedented level of clarity and control over your SaaS environment.


In this era of (SaaS), “learning a thing or two about protecting sensitive information” isn't as easy as it sounds. Currently, IT encounters new and unprecedented challenges with SaaS, and IT professionals don't possess the appropriate tools to solve those challenges. They also lack the knowledge and don't know what operational security entails. Without a framework to explain how to regulate SaaS environments, IT experts lack the know-how of how data overlaps, spreads, where it can be exposed and where it lives, as well as how applications interact with one another.

A Framework for Thinking about SaaS

What is currently missing is a comprehensive, structured way to think about managing enterprises in SaaS software to keep up with a workplace that is rapidly evolving. There is no particular framework that outlines a modern approach to SaaS management, nor are there any guiding principles that aid IT professionals in achieving their requirements and security goals in SaaS environments. There is a shift from being homogeneous environments to heterogeneous ones. Hence, IT’s operational strategies and management must also accordingly shift. This shift to SaaS is creating a need for new frameworks and tools to secure, support and manage mission-critical applications. Being the first of its kind, this framework was created by gleaning valuable insights from conversations, interviews, and surveys with thousands of IT professionals over the three years. While these IT experts hail from a wide range of organizations, locations, and industries, they have one common quality: they are all directly involved in core IT operational security and management.

Challenges of SaaS Applications


  • Creation of an interconnected, complex sprawl
  • Loss of administrative control


  • Finding critical information
  • Calendars and files
  • External users and third-party applications


  • Combating the alert fatigue
  • Receiving context and having options for remediation
  • Receiving cross-application insight


  • Efficiently executing operational tasks


  • Increase in repetitive, manual work
  • Human error leads to perpetual mistakes
  • Ex-employees retaining access due to incorrect offboarding processes

Key Takeaways from "Controlling Your SaaS Environment":

  • The 7 biggest challenges affecting thousands of modern IT professionals
  • The best practices for securing workplace technology
  • What an “enlightened” state for the IT sector looks like
  • Solutions for executing the SaaS framework
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