Cyber Exposure for Dummies

Download the latest whitepaper, Cyber Exposure for Dummies

Download the latest whitepaper, Cyber Exposure for Dummies With the increase in technology, networks and attack surfaces are changing rapidly. In our day-to-day lives, we come across so many servers, network devices, and endpoints. The responsibility of securing everything from cloud platforms and application containers to Internet of Things (IoT) devices and perhaps operational technology (OT) systems can be very overwhelming. Cyber Exposure helps transforms the way we perceive securing the attack surface. It helps you visualize, analyze and measure cyber risk; assisting you with confidently managing and reducing it.

Cyber Exposure for Transforming Raw Technical Data

Reading Cyber Exposure for Dummies will help you understand how raw technical data can be transformed into business insights thus enabling better vulnerability prioritization and management.

Cyber Exposure for Dummies for Driving a New Level

You can learn useful insights about how cyber risk is being measured to drive a new level of dialogue with the business.

Cyber Exposure for Laying out Steps

This whitepaper lays out the steps you can take to close the cyber exposure gap in order to better protect your organization.

Key Takeaways from Cyber Exposure for Dummies Whitepaper:

  • How to navigate the modern attack surface
  • How to prioritize and communicate cyber exposure
  • Ways to secure applications at the speed of DevOps
  • How to boost cloud visibility and security
  • Why do you need to unify IT and OT security?
  • Ways to integrate cyber exposure into your current infrastructure
  • What are the ten buying criteria for cyber exposure platforms

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