Digital Transformation Today: Refocus the Buying Experience to Delight Customers and Capture More Revenue

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Digital Transformation Today: Refocus the Buying Experience to Delight Customers and Capture More Revenue Today, the sales process has become a lot more complicated than just building rapport, especially when it comes to B2B sales. The seller’s credibility is extremely crucial still, but the very fundamental nature of relationships when it comes to sales has changed. Buyers want all the information they need immediately, and this can include estimates, bids as well as options for configuration for their products. The customers in the B2B sales process expect the same sales process as they would from an eCommerce site like Amazon or eBay. The only way this becomes possible is through digital transformation.

Digital Transformation to Improve the Buying Experience

Over time, a lot of businesses have managed to layer transformative technology into their sales strategy. This occurrence has been taking place for years for them, but many have just begun to understand their potential. Digital transformation can optimize the entire sales process regardless of the experience the organization has with technology. When digital transformation gets implemented in the buyer-seller process, it can empower the buyers with quick quotes along with personalized and relevant information. This will help increase the revenue as soon as the very next term. These transformative initiatives also always impact performance, how they do that depends on the company. Even if businesses use digital transformation to make incremental shifts, it can help in solving the complex sales problems that keep arising with the constantly changing nature of digital commerce. B2B leaders need to make a clear path to improve their revenue, both in the short term as well as long term. They also need to focus on developing a modern sales experience for their existing and future customers. There are four drivers for increasing revenue.
  • Accelerating Sales Cycles
  • Superior Buying Experience
  • Increase Share of Wallet
  • Dynamic Pricing Science
When companies deploy their digital transformation effectively and accurately, it can hold the potential to increase their revenue exponentially and improve their sales reach to attract new customers as well. These technology solutions should come with the following processes implemented to improve their sales cycles:
  • Instant Quoting
  • Price
  • Optimization
  • Personalization
  • AI Insight

Key Takeaways:

  • Sales processes are constantly evolving over time
  • Companies should implement digital transformation to optimize their sales
  • Digital transformation makes the entire process faster for the buyer and a lot less taxing for the seller

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