DiscoverOrg + ListenLoop: Account-Based Marketing

Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepaapers Online titled,

Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepaapers Online titled, "DiscoverOrg + ListenLoop: Account-Based Marketing"


Are you looking to boost your sales? Of late, there has been a renewed interest in Account-Based-Marketing or ABM. Right now, ABM can be defined in two ways. The first one is a way of marketing to existing clients in order to cross-sell or expand presence within an account. However, some other marketers see ABM as a feasible alternative to “buyer persona marketing." This involves micro-segmented named accounts with messaging that is extremely specific to business requirements.

Understand Account-Based Marketing

Recently, DiscoverOrg partnered with ListenLoop. The latter is a simple re-targeting software that allows users to orchestrate personalized display ad campaigns in under 5 minutes. The Account-Based Marketing Playbook can be used to identify how organizations can take a more targeted approach to their sales process. According to Henry Schuck, DiscoverOrg CEO, and Rodrigo Fuentes CEO of ListenLoop, "The eBook itself is a strategy guide, providing the reader with a step-by-step process of getting buy-in from the key roles within your organization, identifying the best customers to target with this strategy, scaling, messaging, to measuring results."

What is the ABM Playbook About?

Fuentes states that the focus of this eBook  is being “tactical and thorough. Most other eBooks I’ve read on the subject are theoretical and leave the reader wondering, ‘that’s great, but how I do execute this strategy?’  Our book sheds light on this question through detailed examples and tactics every marketer should consider.” In addition, Henry Schuck says, “One of the most frustrating things about a lot of the content that is available about ABM is that it is not actionable. They are filled with a lot of fluff. We wanted to create a guide for someone who wants to start doing ABM today. That’s what we are delivering with our new ABM eBook.”

Formulating Sales Strategy Using ABM

This eBook is a strategy guide, that provides the reader with a complete, step-by-step process of getting buy-in from the key roles within your organization, identifying the best customers to target with this strategy, as well as scaling and messaging, to measuring results. All these are specifically designed to get an account-based marketing program started at organizations. While so much information is great, but it’s pretty useless without results. Companies will want to know how this will affect their bottom-line because ABM is a slightly longer term program. Schuck goes on to explain that “Building your ABM program is a marathon, not a sprint. A sprint for sales would be would be sending out a mass email approach and blowing up everyone on your list. With ABM the juice is worth the squeeze.”

Good Results Take Time

Fuentes believes that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will a company's ABM program. He says, "It takes time to orchestrate a multi-channel ABM campaign, but the wait is more than worth it.  Of course, you’ll need a few early victories – like meetings booked with your top accounts – to get past leadership’s initial scrutiny." The results of instituting this kind of program are well worth it. Once companies start account-based marketing, they are assured quality leads, higher average deal size and shorter sales cycles. ABM will help elevate current sales efforts and provide reliable results.

Key Takeaways From "DiscoverOrg + ListenLoop: Account-Based Marketing"

  • How to align sales and marketing
  • How to identify accounts
  • Relevant messaging at scale
  • How to engage accounts through multiple channels
  • Multiple channels for AMB strategies
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