Electronic Medical Records Software

Electronic Medical Records Software

Electronic Medical Records Software This analysis is a data-driven assessment that helps to identify products present in the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software. This is catered to small businesses.

Defining Electronic Medical Records Software

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) software is used to automate all clinical operations given to health care providers. These EMRs give medical professionals the opportunity to create, store, update and share many documents on the platform. These include digital patient charts, histories, all their medications, results, etc.

Methodology Basics

This methodology gives products and software a score based on two primary dimensions which is the usability and user recommendations.

Usability and User Recommended

The Usability score is calculated by the average of user ratings. This has a multitude of factors such as end-user ratings on the ease of use of the product, and its functionality. The User Recommended score is calculated by calculated by taking the average score of the user ratings is based on the product value to the users as well as how likely they are to recommend the product to someone else.

Small Vendors and Enterprise Vendors

There have been two graphics created catering to each market - one for small vendors and one for enterprise vendors. The small vendors highlights the small sized vendors and the enterprise vendors is made for vendors of a larger size.

Functionality of a Product

All product markets are based on the functions the product serves. Core functionality that products need is determined by the product reviews from trusted sources like capterra.com, softwareadvice,com and more, and the data analysis for it. Products included in either in the small vendor or enterprise vendor graphics is also based on the number of employees the vendor has. The eligibility for enterprise vendor is having a minimum of a hundred employees, or if they have more than the median employee count when compared of all vendors in the market. Anything less than that and the vendors become a part of the small vendor graphic.

Key Takeaways:

  • The analysis breaks down vendors into small scale and enterprise scale vendors for users to choose from
  • It also takes into consideration real and authentic user reviews to make the vendors a part of the graphic

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