Ensuring That Your Enterprise Is Cloud Ready

Category : Information Technology

Ensuring That Your Enterprise Is Cloud Ready

‘Cloud computing’ can be described as the usage of high-end remote servers and other virtually hosted network services to efficiently manage, store and process data. With the help of cloud computing, enterprises are able to use highly computable network remote infrastructure and create an environment that is suitable for mission-critical complex business applications.

Although the cloud can benefit businesses in various ways, most of the companies realise that might not be able to transition all workloads at once- even if they want to. Due to this, businesses need to choose a strategy that can enable them to support on-premises applications and workloads, while ensuring a simple and non-disruptive migration to the cloud.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Steps to map your cloud-ready journey
    • How to take control over the future with Oracle delivers cloud-ready systems

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