Faster Sales Cycles, Smarter Sales Teams

Faster Sales Cycles, Smarter Sales Teams The engagements between the buyer and seller are changing rapidly because of the technological advancements in all industries, making the entire process more complex. For a buyer, everything has become a lot more accessible because the entire process has become fast, easy and personalized. These expectations have reached the workplace as well. This is why sellers need to adopt new methods to improve their reaction time towards potential buyers.

The Complex Sale

The selling process has also evolved along with the buying process. A lot of sellers have become with the fast paced changes being made in their respective industries. More acquisitions have led to more responsibilities in a shorter time frame. They have too many accounts, too many portfolios and too many products they need to get acquainted with. They also have an increased number of quotas they need to meet along with a larger number of people involved in the decision making process and a shorter time period.

When Slow Quoting Drags Down Sales

Sales teams are responsible for executing tasks such as finding the right products and services for their clients while navigating a large portfolio filled with different products. The products are also complex and need a lot of time for configuration. This requires a lot of understanding to give the perfect, most compatible option as a solution to the client. The quotes salespeople put out are made manually, which has a lot of room for error. Pricing of products is another issue for the sales teams, which leads to wasting time while researching competitor prices.

The New Way Forward

There are two solutions to this problem. The first would be to optimize all touchpoints where customers begin to engage with the brand. These include the touchpoints with direct and indirect sales teams as well as partners. The second would be to optimize the eCommerce site. Buyers want to make the purchase on the website itself so the navigation process across the site should be simplified. There should be personalized pricing options available as well. By optimizing these channels, the entire sales process will get simplified.

Key Takeaways:

  • Buyer and seller processes are continuously evolving with the rise in technology.
  • Buyers want a personalized experience and the sellers have a very high workload they need to work with
  • By optimizing sales channels such as the eCommerce site and improve the touchpoints, the sales process will become a lot simpler

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