Going Cloud-first? Start by rethinking your approaches to networking and security

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Download the latest whitepaper "Going Cloud-first? Start by rethinking your approaches to networking and security" As businesses need to keep up with the rapidly changed requirements in the industry, it becomes necessary for them to adopt a cloud-first mindset. This is because the cloud-first approach helps businesses to power their digital transformation strategies and support the ever-evolving needs.

Benefits of a cloud-first approach

Along with helping businesses to support the changing requirements in the market, a cloud-first mindset offers unlimited scalability, agility, efficiency, and much more. Also, this approach has proved to be cost-effective, does not require much maintenance and reduces the risk of errors.

Cloud network security challenges

Although the cloud is beneficial in a wide range of ways for businesses, there are a few threats as well. This is because the unmatched volume of cyber attacks or vulnerabilities today is compelling organizations to rethink their cloud approach. Also, supporting cloud deployments with legacy infrastructure introduces a multitude of challenges for network security and management. Hence, organizations need to opt for an approach where cloud security and networking solutions can work together.

Key takeaways from “Going Cloud-first? Start by rethinking your approaches to networking and security”

  •  What are some of the modern security challenges
  •  What are a few limitations of legacy networks
  •  Steps to move forward with the cloud-centric architecture
  • How to eliminate the cost and complexity of managing security appliances at every business location
  • How to simplify the design and management of enterprise networks for cloud-era operational agility
  • Why Riverbed and Zscaler offer the industry’s most complete and seamless cloud networking and security solution

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