Healthcare Tech Touch-Base: Data, Telehealth and Mobile

Read the latest tech whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled,

Read the latest tech whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled, "Healthcare Tech Touch-Base: Data, Telehealth and Mobile" The potential for technology is exponentially vast. healthcare experts have to learn how to use technology in a smart way. How can physicians, communities and patients make better sense of all the data to lead to improved health and better outcomes? Read the following whitepaper to understand how athenainsight looks at the three key aspects of healthcare technology.

Telehealth Takes Hold as Market Forces Converge

With CMS proposing changes in this year to allow for the reimbursement of clinical liaisons and primary clinicians, states are also relaxing telehealth rules. Some are even offering coverage through Medicaid.

Give Patients What They Want

Hands-on specialities like primary care are ripe for the telehealth disruption. Healthcare experts need to consider a mix of in-house and contracted telehealth services. Practices that partner with telehealth service providers like MDLive could offer after-hours care access as a backup.

Convenience is Key

Technological advances continue to make telemedicine more accessible than ever for solo practitioners as well. However, integration with EHRs and outsourced partners continues to pose a challenge. A leading national chain of primary care clinics based on memberships has integrated patient-video chat into its EHR through its award-winning app.

Doctors Prefer Mobile Tech that Works Like Them

Mobile tech healthcare circa 2018 is a world where tablets, laptops and smartphones have become an essential component of the clinical workflow. Half of all healthcare professionals have cited that the ability to be able to work from anywhere at any time is critical to their productivity in as well as out of the office.

Current Mobile Health Tech Does Not Live Up to Its Hype

Many healthcare professionals have raised the problem that despite their definite growing demand, mobile innovations for clinical experts are lagging behind the ones available to patients. According to a 2018 athenahealth clinical provider survey, providers perceive the existing mobile offerings are distracting, slow and hard to navigate and read. What users really want are tablet and smartphone technologies that provide instant and easy access to information.

Relieving Stress and Enhancing Productivity

Thanks to a smartphone app, medical professionals can stay connected to their practice with mobile tech and maintain control over urgent patient matters.

Mobile Tech in Development

Health technology companies are taking into consideration the physician feedback they receive and develop mobile solutions which employ AI to automatically present relevant data to clinicians during care.

Key Takeaways from the whitepaper titled, "Healthcare Tech Touch-Base: Data, Telehealth and Mobile"

Living in a hyper-connected world means that healthcare professionals don't have to work in a disconnected one. athenaInsight closely examines the three aspects of healthcare technology by talking to thought leaders about where the industry is now and where it can potentially go.
  • From tons of patient data to having the right info at the right time
  • From losing patients to telehealth to providing them with better access to care
  • From slow mobile apps to ones that align with how physicians work
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