Incorporate Application Security throughout the Application Life Cycle

Category : Information Technology

Incorporate Application Security Throughout the Application Life Cycle

Making use of security after a targeted application has been deployed is not an optimum solution, due to which it is important for security and risk management leaders to address an application’s security throughout the entire lifecycle.

In order to develop a security management program managers should follow steps such as preparation by scoping effort and classifying applications, establish methods of communication and collaboration, assess the inventory and requirements, security architecture, implement secure coding practices and security testing and validity.

By incorporating application security throughout the application lifecycle the identified vulnerabilities can be treated in multiple ways such as remediation, mitigation or acceptance.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Security and risk management leaders are responsible for application security.
    • It is important to train application developers on secure coding practices.
    • It is important to conduct regular application security testing throughout the lifecycle of the application with remediation of vulnerabilities.

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