Industrial Buildings: LED 101

Industrial Buildings: LED 101

Industrial Buildings: LED 101 Over time, LED lighting proven to have a wide range of benefits that come with it to a lot of different types of environments.

Untapped Potential

There is a lot of progress when it comes to LED products being implemented and replacing all traditional light sources in companies. Still, most of their energy potential and the money saving potential seems untapped. Building owners are now discovering the advantages of LED technology each day. LED lighting comes with an exceptional quality of light as well as a really long lifespan as well as easy controls to manage. LEDs have a lot to offer to office spaces, and this includes new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-enabled outcomes.

Future Proof Technology

LED light fixtures come with a very unique opportunity. They manage to permeate plants and warehouses as well, and unlike most other assets, they are also virtually present everywhere, starting from the front door, leading all the way up to the loading dock. They also have their own power source. This way, they can be remotely controlled. They can also be equipped with sensors that can absorb a wide range of information. This way, facilities can make digital ceilings, leveraging the IIoT.

The Basics of LED Lighting

A light-emitting diode emits light when it is energized, and all it needs is a power supply which creates electrical pressure or voltage. This pushes the charge carriers through the LED. They are also known as solid state lighting (SSL) devices. They are different from the traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps in the sense that they do not use electrical filaments, plasmas or gases to create their light.

Savings with LED Lights

LEDs will soon end up representing 86% of all lighting sales. Among all the different existing types of LED lighting, the low/high bay fixtures that are used in the commercial and industrial areas will come with the highest energy savings potential. This way, especially when connected controls get included, the savings potential for buildings increases significantly.

Advantages of LEDs

LEDs are supposed to be the biggest breakthrough in lighting systems today, with their improved efficiency and long lasting shelf life. Their main advantages are:
  • Superior energy sufficiency
  • Improved light levels
  • Longer life
  • Lesser maintenance
  • Minimal heat output

Key Takeaways:

  • LED technology has become a breakthrough in all lighting systems in today's day and age
  • They offer a lot of cost saving and energy reducing benefits to the buildings
  • Industrial and commercial buildings benefit from installing LED lighting systems greatly

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