Integrating Text Messaging into The Entire Hotel Guest Experience

Read the latest whitepaper titled,

Read the latest whitepaper titled, "Integrating Text Messaging into The Entire Hotel Guest Experience" on Whitepapers Online Today’s hotel guests demand instant service, but many hotels fail to provide it. Why? It’s not because they don’t want to, it’s mainly because they fail to use and integrate the right technologies to deliver the best guest experience possible. When someone checks into your hotel, what are they looking forward to the most? The answer completely depends on that person/guest, but as a hotel owner, it's your chance to make that experience a memorable one. By connecting to a messaging system, you will be able to impact the guests' interactions even when they aren't physically at your hotel. To make this a reality, this has become possible with the latest advances in texting. This was one of the big hospitality trends that have been introduce in the market since a long time, and it's something that has had an impact. The perfect combination of fuelling of robust guest data with the convenience of text messaging, hotels have the power to communicate with guests in a personalized way.

Phases When Text Messaging Will Improve Guest Experience

Effective communication is a crucial part of the guest experience and enabling a fast and easy method like text messaging can enhance the experience, even before guests enters your hotel.  Following are the phases when text messaging proves to be an advantage to you and your guests.
  1. Before check-in
  2. During check-in
  3. During stay
  4. During check-out

Reasons Why Hotels Should Integrate Text Messaging

1. Automates guest communication

Leveraging a text messaging solution allows you to easily automate answers to these questions, saving time that can be better spent elsewhere. Once you have a text solution in place, encourage guests to communicate with your staff via text and let those automatic answers free up your team so they can focus on delighting guests without getting bogged down by answering the same questions over and over again.

2. Streamlines operations

Allowing guests to text goes beyond simply making things convenient for them or freeing up your staff, text also allows hotels to improve processes. Text messaging can be integrated into the overall service workflow by taking text message or even in-person requests and turning them into tickets automatically within your property management and service ticketing systems. In doing so, teams can streamline guest requests and reduce the amount of work needed from staff to process, field, and categorize them and focus on actually fulfilling them.

3. Improves internal communication

Enabling and integrating text messaging into how your hotel staff operates will not only ensure that your staff remains productive and efficient, but it will also allow them to focus on their main goal: creating the most memorable guest experience possible.

Key Takeaways from “Integrating Text Messaging into The Entire Hotel Guest Experience”

  • It’s crucial for hotels to take advantage of the mobile-first mindset
  • Text messaging provides a higher and more personalized level of service.
  • Text messaging is a personalized gust engagement tool that cannot be matched by any other channel
  • The effectiveness of personalization relies heavily on guest data
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