IoT ACTIVATION 101: Bringing Data Intelligence to Every Corner of Your Building

IoT ACTIVATION 101: Bringing Data Intelligence to Every Corner of Your Building

IoT ACTIVATION 101: Bringing Data Intelligence to Every Corner of Your Building All Internet of Things (IoT) platforms that are supported by LED lighting arrangements come with many benefits to office spaces and other commercial buildings. They save a lot of energy and create many possibilities that come with connected infrastructure. It is now possible to create a world with efficient lighting that is both intelligent and adaptable to all companies' digital transformation journey.

What is the Relationship Between IoT, Lighting Systems and Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is taking place across all industries. Companies are now adapting new and emerging technologies whose main aim is to elevate their employees, their processes and products. Companies are now merging their physical and digital realities so that they can unlock new operational efficiencies and optimize their business outcomes. This is where smart LED lighting comes into play. LED lighting has been proven to reduce energy costs significantly for companies when compared to the traditional light sources. It is now a platform for data capture and exchange and LED can enable digital ceilings that can have endless possibilities. Lighting is spread across all buildings and the LED fixtures come with their own power source. This means that they can be equipped with sensors which can be used to harvest data to create a foundation that leads to better business decisions, more streamlined operations as well as improved space utilization. LED lighting has the potential to transform the way people experience office environments. At the same time, it helps with reducing electricity consumption, which is financially beneficial to the organization and also a more environmentally friendly option. Companies can create smart buildings that start with the flip of a switch when you incorporate IoT in your LED lighting systems.

The Main Benefits

The main benefits of installing intelligent LEDs in commercial office buildings are:
  • Edge Analytics: LED lighting can power all-sensing, data-compiling networks that operate where IT and operational technology (OT) meet.
  • Mastering Efficiency: A smart LED lighting system integrates data from all connected fixtures across the building and becomes more responsive. This helps to create long-term HVAC and lighting energy savings.
  • Increase in Productivity: Smart lighting supports an endless number of software and service opportunities, giving rise to innovation and improving efficiency.
  • Holistic View: Intelligent LED lighting systems provide visibility into the building's performance at an enterprise level.

Key Takeaways:

  • Smart LED lighting improves enterprise efficiency across the organization
  • It reduces energy costs for the company significantly
  • Intelligent LEDs also lead the way in improving the digital transformation process for the company

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