Journey to the Cloud: Let the Workloads Be Your Guide

Category : Information Technology

The journey to the cloud takes place in the path from the traditional data centre to the public cloud and may not necessarily be in a straight line. It could involve various types of workload implementations and executions that address the organization’s performance, reliability, geographic location, trust level, compliance and cost.

Organizations that are slow to take the plunge from the traditional data centre to the public cloud may face concerns such as security and privacy of your data, integration with existing infrastructure and business process and complexity of cloud services and virtualization technologies.

In order to cope with cloud complexities, organizations need follow a simple model of technologies involved in virtualization and cloud computing that provide a workload-centric perspective. This approach can help businesses to cope with complexity, cost and risks of cloud computing and virtualization.

Key takeaways:

  • The top-down approach in your workloads begins with a strategic focus on applications.
  • For making your applications work together, integrated systems need to be architected, tested and optimized
  • It is important to focus on things that are closest to your organization’s business objectives.

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