Lab Validation: Consolidating Workloads with VMware and Pure Storage

Consolidating Workloads with VMware and Pure Storage This ESG Lab Validation report documents hands-on testing and validation of the Pure Storage FlashArray//m storage system. The goal of the report is to prove that Tier-1 application workloads such as desktop virtualization, databases, and email can be run on a shared, consolidated storage array without compromising service levels, delivering consistent sub-millisecond response times. A 5000 user enterprise was simulated to validate this premise, running on a single all-flash storage array. In addition, failure scenarios were introduced to test resiliency.

What Values Does Pure Aim to Provide?

  • Simplicity: The modular design provides online data-in-place upgrades of hardware and software along with the support of capacity expansion shelves. All software features, including HA, DR, snapshots, and management, are included at no additional cost.
  • Manageability: Pure1 provides integrated management and support in a single cloud-based platform, real-time storage analysis with proactive alerting, and monitoring from anywhere with no management installation or maintenance required.
  • Density: support for up to 120TB usable capacity in a 3U chassis, 400TB in an 11U chassis.
  • Longevity: leverages the modularity of the FlashArray//m for greater generational upgrade flexibility; controller upgrades every three years are included in maintenance, as are all software updates.
  • Power efficiency: Pure is quite energy efficient; 120TB of usable capacity consumes less than 1kW.
  • Resilience: Pure uses a redundant, hot-swappable hardware design with stateless controllers and distributed data mirroring across non-volatile RAM. Data are protected from failures modes specific to flash with a dual parity system called RAID-3D.

Lab Validation: Consolidating Workloads

ESG Lab leveraged the virtualized infrastructure to run performance tests on each of the five deployed applications simultaneously with a goal of showing how the Pure Storage FlashArray//m can easily satisfy the demanding performance requirements of a consolidated, virtualized infrastructure. The test process consisted of starting one of the applications workloads, waiting for steady state, and then launching the next applications until all five were running simultaneously. Throughout the process, ESG Lab used the Pure Storage management interface to monitor latency, IOPS, and throughput of each individual application, as well as the cumulative performance metrics.

Key Takeaways from ‘Lab Validation: Consolidating Workloads with VMware and Pure Storage’

  • An introduction to Pure Storage FlashArray//m.
  • ESG Lab Validation & Highlights.
  • Issues to consider.
  • The bigger truth.
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