Managing Risk during Application Modernization Efforts

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Read the latest report on whitepapers online, Managing Risk during Application Modernization EffortsDoes your company make use of legacy apps that would benefit from the agility, scalability and performance of the cloud? While rebuilding in the cloud from scratch might seem the right way to go it is not always a time or cost effective solution. By refactoring and moving workloads to the cloud you can avoid jeopardizing customer experience, critical business interactions, or your IT team’s bandwidth.

Modernization of Legacy Application

For established enterprises, leveraging a PaaS like Cloud Foundry or OpenShift may be a great way to jump-start digital transformation efforts. Using these platforms for new apps is a cake walk; legacy apps on the other hand aren’t as simple. Leaving them in their current state limits your ability to innovate and stay competitive due to which it is important to modernize your legacy application

Managing Risk during Application

Combination of practical advice and best practices on where and how to get started with the refactoring of a monolithic application and will help IT teams accelerate the modernization process thus reducing the risk of impacting customer events and business processes along the way

Key Takeaways of Managing Risk during Application Modernization Efforts:

  • Ways to identify candidates for refactoring
  • How to choose specific functionality for refactoring
  • How to virtually model and validate new service architectures
  • How to accelerate the development of these services using AI-powered automation with your DevOps processes
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