Managing the Modern Workplace: People, Real Estate and Profits

Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepaper Online called,

Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online called, "Managing the Modern Workplace: People, Real Estate and Profits" It comes as no surprise that the state of the workforce is changing. It’s not the same as it was a decade ago. Technology, economic forces, and employee demands for flexibility mean that organizations must adapt to new ways of attracting, engaging, and managing talent. Failing to adapt will almost certainly mean that your organization will lose a valuable competitive advantage in its market.

Challenges of Hiring Top Talent

Organizations are still dealing with traditional concerns involving attracting and retaining top talent, competitive pay and benefits packages. However, there are more things that factor into the equation for members of the modern workforce. When it comes to talent, having a centralized location for information collection makes the job application process much easier. Once they are on board, employees can get a single master record which can be easily updated when required.

Engaging Employees in Corporate Culture

After the employee comes on board, the next challenge is keeping them engaged. The organization's culture becomes extremely important due to the fact that HR professionals are in direct contact with employees at every stage of their relationship with the company.

Challenges of Performance Management

Besides keeping employees engaged, managing their performance is an important aspect. This rings true, especially for the multi-generational, modern workforce. While managing the expectations of baby boomers, Generation X and Millennials may be difficult, it is important to understand each one's attitudes, preferences, strengths, beliefs and weaknesses.

Increasing Engagement by Designing Workplace Real Estate

What are the main factors affecting employee engagement and performance management in today's world? The physical layout of the work place, as well as the amenities offered, have a major impact. When you consider the modern workforce, it all boils down to giving employees the option of working in a variety of settings. Working in collaboration requires open spaces to facilitate one-on-one as well as group conversations. Regardless of the design of the amenities in the workspace provided by the organization, the key to maximizing engagement is the alignment of the organization's culture with the workspace.

Maximizing Profitability

How is profitability affected in this scenario? How an organization manages its workforce significantly impacts profitability. There are two ways of maximizing profits; either by increasing productivity or eliminating costs. With the use of a centralized HCM platform that has all the employee data in a single location, profitability can easily be optimized.

Key Takeaways from "Managing the Modern Workplace: People, Real Estate and Profits":

  • Overcoming the challenges of attracting top industry talent
  • Engaging employees with corporate culture
  • Performance management and generational challenges
  • How to maximize profitability
  • How to design workplace real estate to drive engagement
  • How Asure Software can help in managing a modern workforce
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