The New Power Couple: Content and Commerce Take Center Stage

Read the latest whitepaper titled

Read the latest whitepaper titled "The New Power Couple: Content and Commerce Take Center Stage" on Whitepapers OnlineIn today's age of constant connectivity, it is important for marketers to be on the same page as their customers. Many times brand marketing efforts go to waste because the marketers are out of sync with customer needs. Due to the data segregation from commerce systems, more often than not marketers end up promoting their products and services to an uninterested audience or even customers who have already made their purchases. This whitepaper provides a complete report on how companies can start leveraging the power of contextual commerce to reach their targets, thus developing the best content management system to outdo their competitors.

Integrating Commerce and Content for a Better Customer Experience

Nowadays, online purchases comprise a major chunk of retail transactions. This poses a major challenge for companies who have to integrate their web content systems with commerce engines. Hence, several organizations are finding it difficult to keep pace with continuously evolving digital channels and content management solutions. This is what new content commerce is all about.   Contextual intelligence is the need of the hour, in order to be able to deliver an efficient personalized commerce experience. The information has to be aggregated for an end-to-end, holistic view of each individual customer experience with the brand. Besides the basic customer info graphics, data must also include the browsed products and cart items. Thus, brands need to rethink how they define customer experience and understand why developing an e-commerce content management system is important.

Technological Requirements to Deliver Connected Web Content and Commerce Systems

Real-time customer data needs to be deployed which encompasses the brand's commerce touch points. Businesses need to devise a system for the instant delivery of content in between and across channels. A seamless cross-channel experience involves different interactions across many channels. Contextual intelligence is integral to understand the customer consumption of web content and the end product. This helps companies to send follow up emails and offer discounts to their customers before purchase. The power of a robust e-commerce content management platform allows companies to write and publish content for a product, which can then be re-purposed across multiple channels and devices in the buyer's journey.

How Contextual Commerce Can Deliver Relevant Customer Interactions

The digital customer experience is integral to measure a brand's success. By aiming to develop the best content management system in the market, they can get real-time analytics from the customer journey. This includes pre-purchase and post-purchase background and insights to set up targeted messaging for maximum influence. Brands must also understand the importance of recognizing opportunities for cross-selling to prevent freezing out customers. To do so, they should look beyond the point-of-sale. As e-commerce platforms garner more information about their customer's activity and engagement patterns, they can continue to fine-tune their new commerce content.

Key Takeaways from the whitepaper "The New Power Couple: Content and Commerce Take Center Stage"

  • Why it's time for companies to integrate their content system with commerce
  • How the resulting platform delivers a single cache of customer data
  • The increase in customer engagement and purchase once content and commerce have been integrated
  • The numerous benefits to brands that incorporate commerce and content into their customer experience
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