Pioneering Active Content Governance

Pioneering Active Content Governance

Pioneering Active Content Governance Active Content Governance gives a company one voice when it comes to strategy, made at scale. It talks about reaching a point where the company has a clear, consistent, and compelling voice which will help drive great brand and customer experiences.

Building a Content Governance Program from Scratch

Laura Bellamy, Director of Content Strategy and Operations, VMware

What content problems are you trying to solve?

The first is retrievability to help customers find the content they want. It is more than just SEO. The second important problem is content performance. VMware identifies all the different dimensions of content performance which exist and then proceed to use this information to help them determine the best way to check for value. They consider methods to track these metrics as well and if there is a way to do it.

Governing Technical Documents at Scale

James Mathewson, Technical Marketer, Content, IBM

How do you demonstrate the idea of “content impact”?

The best way to showcase this by displaying the relationship between content quality, an improved customer experience, as well as sales. With a good content governance program, it is possible to overlay quality scores side by side with traditional metrics and display correlations.

Content Governance: A Marketer’s Perspective

Dusty DiMecurio, Director, Content Marketing & Social Media, Autodesk

Is your content governance initiative restricted to marketing?

The business model at Autodesk is more than just marketing, it is subscription-based, which means the post-sales content is extremely important. The content governance needs to be helpful and accurate, as well as in the right context to ensure a satisfactory customer experience. A cross organizational content council really helps in this case because it makes sure that everyone is aligned and that they are able to produce consistent content which is on-brand and aligned consumer needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Active content governance is helpful in various aspects of each company
  • The benefits are for more than just SEO
  • Active content governance helps marketing and sales teams as well and plays a part in improving customer experiences

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