A Practical Guide to Ensuring Business Continuity and High Performance in Healthcare Facilities

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Download the latest whitepaper "A Practical Guide to Ensuring Business Continuity and High Performance in Healthcare Facilities" on Whitepapers.Online Healthcare facilities require functional systems to maintain the safety and satisfaction of their patients. Some key contributing factors for the successful performance of healthcare facilities include compliance with regulations, marketing strategies for technological upgrades, and safeguarding against power interruptions. Quality and performance improvement in healthcare is determined by how facilities can identify and address these concerns in a timely manner.

Measuring Business Continuity Performance

Healthcare facilities must work to ensure that their business processes meet the company objectives, by measuring their business continuity. By having a comprehensive business continuity plan in place, organizations can get additional business benefits and effectively counter potential life and death situations.

Technology and Patient Care

The performance of healthcare facilities can be improved by increasing the availability and connectivity of its systems. Having a good response coordination system in place for rapid disaster recovery will help the growth and profitability of organizations. With the use of self-service tools, electronic medical records (EMR), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Real-time Location Systems (RTLS), new technology can create a positive impact on business processes.

Key Takeaways to Ensure Performance and Continuity in Healthcare Facilities

  • The importance of facility infrastructure to support emergency and electrical systems
  • Exceeding regulations in adherence to government compliance requirements
  • Business continuity improvement metrics and considerations
  • How to enhance system availability
  • Offering technical support for critical applications

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