Realize the Promise of VDI with Flash Storage

The promised benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) – including simplified management, enhanced security and reduced costs – are very attractive to both IT managers and senior executives. But these benefits are not guaranteed, nor are they necessarily achieved overnight. Some organizations find that their first attempt at virtualization causes as many problems as it solves, particularly when it comes to disappointing end-user performance, unexpected management complexity, and high costs. Or, VDI may function well at the start, but fails to scale larger over time

What Does VDI Lack?

Poor End-User Performance

A key promise of a VDI is the speed and ease with which end-users can access the data and applications they need to do their jobs efficiently. But in many VDI deployments, end-user performance actually declines, mainly because legacy spinning-disk, hybrid, or retro-fit flash storage systems cannot deliver data fast enough to meet demand at peak times.

High Costs

VDI deployments are frequently undertaken with the expectation that costs will decline for both equipment and management. But the savings from using “thin clients” can be swallowed up if the storage supporting the VDI still uses inefficient legacy spinning disk or poorly architected flash technologies.

Management Complexity

Another commonly expected outcome of VDI is simplified management of the computing infrastructure. But moving resources and functions from the desktop and into the data center can actually increase the burden on IT staff. VDI is expected to be always-on, always available, and always reliable.

Dead-End Growth Paths

Few VDI implementations cover all end-users from the start. Most often, groups of users are added over time – more departments, new categories of users, additional geographies. As this occurs, some organizations find that while their VDI was a success with hundreds of users, problems with end-user performance, management complexity, and soaring costs arise when the number of users doubles or triples.

How All-Flash VDI Helps

Pure Storage helps organizations – of all sizes and across multiple industries – overcome the most common reasons for disappointing results from a VDI. All-flash storage delivers:
  1. Always-on, always fast and always secure VDI, ensuring a consistently superior end-user experience
  2. Efficiency with up to 2x better data-reduction rates, lowering capital and operating costs
  3. Effortless storage management, sharply reducing the demands on IT staff
  4. Evergreen growth and scalability, incorporating non-disruptive upgrades and clearly defined costs known well in advance

Key Takeaways from ‘Realize the Promise of VDI with Flash Storage’

  • Common causes for VDI Disappointment
  • Case Studies of All-Flash VDI Successes Across Industries
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