Reducing Cyber Exposure from Cloud to Containers: 5 Key Learnings from the CISO POV

Read the latest whitepaper to know How to Reduce Cyber Exposure from Cloud to Containers When it comes to IT infrastructure, we can safely say that the cyber risk management no longer exists. Whether it includes discovering short-lived assets or assessing cloud environments or maintaining web application security, today’s exposure to cyber attacks are increasing and presents a growing challenge to CISOs understanding and assessment to decrease their cyber risk.

Measure for Cyber Risk Management

Securing the modern attack surface is a necessary step to effectively address and reduce cyber exposure to protect your enterprise.

Cyber Exposure to the Rescue

To combat this problem, a discipline called Cyber Exposure is doing the rounds that help organizations manage and measure this risk. By reading this whitepaper about cyber risk management CISO’s can learn what’s working – and what’s not – from 29 global infosec leaders, representing a diverse array of industries and perspectives.

Key Takeaways from this Cyber Risk Management whitepaper are:

  • How to secure a dynamic IT environment
  • Ways to rethink security for cloud environments
  • How to move security to the application layer
  • Importance of focusing on data security
  • Automating security testing process and controls
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