Schneider Helps Supplier Safely Deliver Its Large Volume Freight with Flatbed Trailers

Schneider Helps Supplier Safely Deliver Its Large Volume Freight with Flatbed Trailers Construction is an industry thrives on deadlines, which is why contractors and builders cannot afford to have setbacks at any cost. This is why they need to make sure they have all their building material shipments getting delivered on time, always. They always need to make sure there are no issues related to transportation. Contractors and their crew always need to have access to their nails, fasteners, screws, all roofing and insulation material, along with anything else they would need.

Large Volume Freight Proved Challenging for Flatbed Carriers

Usually the carriers have difficulty in accommodating large volumes of freight in frequent shipments. They would have more shipments to move than the drivers that were available to haul them. As a last resort, companies would end up shipping orders using less-than-truckload shipments, which becomes a lot costlier. Also the previous carriers had to means to track freight, which means the supplier did not have the visibility that was needed to give his customers with regular and timely updates on the order's progress.

Safe Transport Means the Best Choice for Flatbed Shipping

The most important thing when shipping in freight is the commitment to the safety of the shipment. The building materials need to be delivered in perfect condition from the suppliers so as to not tarnish their reputation. With flatbed shipping, products are strapped down and moved.

Coordination with Drivers and Rolling Out Freight Tracking Technologies for Shipping Large Volume of Freight

Companies need a dedicated solution to keep all their products moving both safely as well as efficiently. There are two phases to the solution when it comes to shipping large volume of freight on flatbed trucks. The first phase focuses on coordinating all the dedicated drivers assigned at each distribution center. The second phase, all necessary and new technologies are implemented that will help them plan the routes for the shipping of the large volume of freight by the company. This technology comes with the required freight tracking abilities. This way, both the supplier and the client have a clear idea of the number of stops the driver needed to make in a day, which leads to better planning and managing of all customer expectations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Flatbed freight shipping is usually a risky method of transporting a large volume of goods over to customers.
  • The suppliers need to be wary of damaging their products on the way
  • The supplier benefits from tracking the shipment because he can then make sure it is always delivered on time in good quality

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