The Shifting Face of Technology Buyers

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Download the latest whitepaper about The Shifting Face of Technology Buyers on The evolution of information, content and processes has had a huge impact on the way in which technology is purchased. Initially, the IT department of any organization had the monopoly over making IT-related decisions. However, this has changed with the major shift in technology.  Today, other departments are increasingly being handed the responsibility to make decisions while considering factors such as technology, psychology and much more.

Understanding the evolution of technology

The evolution of technology has led to various changes in the organization. Some of them include an increase in the size, level of responsibility, a shift in the type of organization, and much more.

How is the face of the technology buyer changing?

As the business environment consists of various work personas, the involvement of non-IT departments has increased. These departments are functional buyers. This group of buyers will focus on growth and the impact the technology has on broader strategic choices within an organisation.

Key takeaways from The Shifting Face of Technology Buyers:

  • Understanding who are functional buyers
  • How are functional buyers closer to employees’ requirements?
  • How businesses can improve employee effectiveness through technology
  • How to create a purpose-driven culture via technology
  • How to support functional buyers

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