Simple AWS Networking with Application Defined SD-WAN

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Read the latest whitepaper "Simple AWS Networking with Application Defined SD-WAN" on The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud helps organizations scale up their IT infrastructure in a swift and cost-efficient manner. Besides reducing time-to-market, the partly automated benefits of using AWS include simplified usage and management. However, due to the complex and inconsistent nature of legacy network management solutions, these benefits get lost in the network. Application defined SD-WAN can help businesses function better and improve security in their cloud-centric network.

Benefits of AWS Application

Whether you are already a user or new to AWS cloud, the numerous benefits reduce workplace constraints by aiding in the simplification of IT administration. AWS also helps relieve associated burdens with automated resource provisioning and backend AWS application management. Users can bid adieu to server maintenance and time-consuming administrative tasks like planning, buying and implementing compute resources.

SD-WAN Solution for AWS Network

SD-WAN is an intelligent and intuitive solution for designing, deploying and managing distributed networks. It can be integrated with the AWS application to provide easy and centrally managed, seamless control. SD-WAN helps IT professionals with end-to-end connectivity across the enterprise in three key areas — enhanced security, business agility and high-performance. This way they can be free of the day-to-day functions of management and network design, and can focus on innovation and core business-driving initiatives.

Key Takeaways from Simple AWS Networking with Application Defined SD-WAN

  • Provides central, cloud centric workflows that simplify network management
  • Enables new services with centralized management
  • Real-time visibility into apps, networks, link quality and users.
  • Ensures application performance based on priority to the business

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