Solve for Size and Speed Using Technology

Read the latest whitepaper titled,

Read the latest whitepaper titled, "Solve for Size and Speed Using Technology" on Whitepapers OnlineHow do colossal companies manage to be both fast and vast? Learn how companies are harnessing the force of Pluralsight's tech learning platform in order to drive growth, all the while rapidly executing key objectives. Similar to Newton's Second Law of Motion, for an organization to grow bigger and move faster, the force behind it must be amplified. Read the following whitepaper for four case studies about how companies have gained mass without the loss of momentum. The companies are Nasdaq, ExtraSpace Storage, Johnson Controls and Cerner.


The challenge of the company was that the rapid pace at which the company was moving was causing a major skills gap. This caused a major slowdown in teams due to the fact that they weren't wholly comfortable with a particular kind of technology. Currently, Nasdaq has a strong presence in every capital market on the planet and over 3,500 employees on six continents. The solution to this challenge was that the team members opted for Pluralsight's technology learning platform to build the skills needed to keep up with evolving technology. Individual assessments followed by curated learning paths led to results such as a 50 per cent decrease in time for onboarding, successful adoption of ReactJS and well as new growth navigation by smoothing the integration of an acquisition.

ExtraSpace Storage

The company is responsible for the delivery of outstanding digital experiences to over a million self-storage customers across 38 states in America. Thanks to the cloud, serverless technology and data analytics, ExtraSpace Storage has become the second largest operator of self-storage facilities in the United States. To maintain its position, the company's teams require an efficient learning method in order to close the learning gaps and stay up-to-date on the essential SaaS and cloud technologies By partnering with Pluralsight, developers got the necessary tools to pave the path for digital transformation focused on customers. This resulted in the implementation of Agile, 60% cost savings in comparison with classroom training as well as the completion of a 2.5-year software overhaul.

Johnson Controls

Staying ahead of continuously changing cyber threats is of utmost importance to Johnson Controls. In order to continue its smooth operations of serving four million customers across 150 countries, the company needed to develop reliable and expert cybersecurity skills at scale. By partnering with Pluralsight, Johnson Controls was able to ensure that its developers and engineers gain the knowledge and expertise required to write secure code and stay on the cutting edge of tech. The results of the partnership were the elimination of cybersecurity threat risks, resulting in the saving of millions of dollars, meeting security needs, as well as comprehensive analytics to reveal knowledge and strength gaps.

Key Takeaways from the whitepaper titled, "Solve for Size and Speed Using Technology"

  • The need to develop technology skills at scale
  • How visibility to technologies can help companies stay ahead of the competition
  • Rapid growth doesn't necessarily have to come at the cost of the agility of the team
  • Teams can improve their performance with flexible, individualized learning with the force of technology
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