State of Insider Threats in the Digital Workplace 2019

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Read the latest whitepaper titled, "State of Insider Threats in the Digital Workplace 2019" on Whitepapers Online

  According to researchers and reports it has been observed that 75 percent IT professionals believe that the biggest risks in Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox and other popular file storage and email solutions as well as cloud applications. Along with that, it was also seen that 91 percent of IT and security professionals felt vulnerable of insider threats. One of the major reasons for rise of these threats was that concepts like SaaS have given users all the control over data within the application and, as a result, IT and security teams have lost control. IT professionals are of the opinion that because these rising concepts are forming a new territory of their own, companies are unprepared of how to deal with these security concerns with no clue at all.

Changing Security Landscapes

We live in a world today that consider data an extremely crucial factor to fuel and propel a company's growth and success. Which is why safeguarding the valuable resource is not only important but harder the before. Given that security is one of the major factor where clients and users interact, adding value to address the security evolving process is important. With the variety of regulatory mandates, potential fines for non-compliance, and the overall risk landscape for breaches heightening is only going to keep increasing and will come to limelight more than before.

Evolving Security Risks

The concept of cyber security is not a business matter that can be avoided or ignored at any level. Lately it has been observed that small and medium-sized businesses have become the prime targets of cyber attack. These cyber attacks are primarily been seen to be led by various factors like hyper-targeted malware, ransomware, and user-enabled breaches, foundational security tools. It is expected out of IT professionals to take actions without ignoring it as it is one of the most cyber security is one of the important element for any business.

Rise of Insider Threats

As the security scenarios are evolving and changing with every rise of threats, there is more than one reason to that causes these threats. Factors like mishandling of data by the users, poor and uncertain means of system security possessed by companies and so many more. Along with that, phishing specifically, and social engineering more broadly, allows attackers to assume trusted insider positions. All of these factors and more have certainly given rise to insider threats which tend to break through a company's security bit by bit.

Key Takeaways from "State of Insider Threats in the Digital Workplace"

  • SaaS is technically a system that records confidential business data, trade secrets and intellectual property, employee data as well as customer data.
  • SaaS creates dangerous unseen spots that hides security threats which many IT and security professionals don’t even know exist.
  • There are dozens of privacy and access settings for both end users and admins which so alike that it becomes difficult for the tech authority to keep a proper check on all the possible IT threats.
  • The new insider threat rises and is related to data and how the users interact with various kinds of data.
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