The State of Software Security 2017

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The State of Software Security 2017

This is the eight volume of the State of Software Security (SOSS) report presented by Veracode which consists of the application security industry’s most comprehensive review of testing data.

The main goal of this report is to provide security practitioners with solid application security benchmarks, which can help them, measure their own programs against. In addition, it includes information about information about security pass rate of applications before and after remediation, the impact of long-term security programs can have upon that rate, the average fix rate, vulnerability close rate and the statistical mix of common vulnerability types.

With the analysis in the report, you can learn how your organisation can effectively prioritize the most severe vulnerabilities and how quickly you can address these flaws.

    Key Takeaways:

    • The overall state of the State Of Software Security
    • Overview of the Raw State of Untested Software
    • Top 10 vulnerabilities
    • The positive impact of AppSec programs
    • People problems behind software insecurity
    • The SOSS trends

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