Switching From Microsoft Dynamics GP to the Cloud

Read the latest whitepaper titled,

Read the latest whitepaper titled, "Switching From Microsoft Dynamics GP to the Cloud"               Read the following whitepaper to learn why customers are switching from Microsoft Dynamics GP to the Cloud in order to drive growth. To understand how cloud-based ERP systems provide support and help accelerate the growth of organizations, NetSuite engaged senior IT professionals for discussing the topic. The executives shared many case studies about why they shifted to cloud-based systems from on-premise systems. This also included details about the implementation process and the benefits and experiences of doing so.

Why Organizations are Moving to Cloud Financials

Pressure for Businesses to Modernize

Across all sectors, organizations are under heat thanks to increasing customer demands, competitor products. Companies require visibility, speed and scalability like never before. This creates a need for modern IT infrastructure as the on-premise systems of the past don't meet present and future business requirements.

Cloud Has Become the De Facto Standard

With the tough economic environment, business leaders need to deliver better outcomes with lesser resources. According to the research conducted by industry analysts, the cloud has become the de facto standard for conducting business operations.

On-premise Systems are Costlier in Comparison with Cloud Solutions

A major reason behind the growing popularity of cloud solutions is the cost compared to systems that are on-premise. With high implementation costs, companies take longer to realize their ROI. Besides hindering financial functions, the high maintenance costs also prove a hurdle to innovation.

Traditional ERP Systems Deliver Disruption Rather than Efficiency

Organizations deploy other systems in order to automate operations such as sales, support, warehousing, professional services, e-commerce, etc. With different processes running on various systems, it becomes an uphill task to scale up for growth, reconcile different data versions, decrease accounting that is based on spreadsheets, as well as obtain a clear picture of billing, bookings and backlogs, among many other factors.

Cloud-based Platforms Like NetSuite Simplify IT and Business Processes

Some of the compelling reasons why companies shift from outdated on-premise applications such as Great Plains to more modern cloud-based solutions like NetSuite include:
  • Higher business agility
  • Reduced accounting based solely on spreadsheets
  • Improved real-time operational and financial visibility with multi-subsidiary management
  • Decreased IT infrastructure investments and reduced cost of ownership
  • Integrated back and front office processes for data reconciliation across the companies

Case Studies

Two non-profit organizations called Imagine! and the Advocacy Centre of Louisiana have shared their experiences in regards to the challenges faced, their processes as well as their decision in choosing NetSuite to assist them in improving their efficiency and effectiveness.

Key Takeaways from the whitepaper titled, "Switching From Microsoft Dynamics GP to the Cloud"

  • Overview of how cloud-based ERP systems support organizations
  • Benefits of moving to cloud-based financials solutions like NetSuite
  • Analyse real-life case studies of two organizations Advocacy Centre of Louisiana and Imagine
  • Considerations for organizations contemplating NetSuite
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