The Complete Checklist: Talent Global Acquisition

The Complete Checklist: Talent Global Acquisition

The Complete Checklist: Talent Global Acquisition Quality talent acquisition is now a priority for growing companies over the global market. It is vital to stay competitive in today's market. All hiring challenges that companies face can be conquered through strategic planning. The given checklist will help the recruitment process with questions to help in developing and executing the plan.

Developing a Global Recruiting Strategy

Companies need to consider the given questions to think about their global recruiting strategy:
  • The primary goal for recruitment
  • Positions available
  • Identification of countries of recruitment
  • Sourcing process for candidates

Performing Market Research

Before companies start hiring globally, it is important to know that the economic conditions and labor laws are different in each country. Companies need to first evaluate the impact on the recruitment process. When companies want to recruit in a new and unfamiliar market, take the following into consideration:
  • The economic and political conditions of the country the company is considering hiring in
  • The talent pool in the country
  • Cultural differences and the impact they may have on the business practices
  • Employment laws in the hiring country

Starting Your Candidate Search

The main benefit of creating a globalized team is that it strengthens the company's international presence and allows the organization to build a diverse and talented workforce. The first step to that is finding the perfect candidates. When recruiting international employees, companies need to evaluate their strategy and resources and take the following into consideration:
  • The type of technology and platforms being used
  • The means of marketing the job
  • Qualities of the international recruiter such as their knowledge in the hiring country, language barriers, their recruitment process and their experience

Evaluating Candidates

It takes more than just an interview to make an accurate assessment of the candidates. Think of ways to evaluate each candidate and take all factors into consideration such as company culture, experience and location. To improve the evaluation process, consider the following:
  • The interview process
  • Tools used during the interview
  • Assessing the candidate's cultural background and skill set

Closing the Right Candidate

Consider the following things when companies hire the candidate:
  • The salary expectations of the candidate
  • The benefits expected by the prospective employee such as healthcare, leaves, overtime, and more

Assessing Your Hiring Method

When companies hire a new global employee, the process needs to maintain compliance as well. Take the following into consideration:
  • The details of the hiring process
  • The employment offer and compliance with local labor laws
  • Any immigration requirements

Key Takeaways:

  • Evaluate the hiring process before you look for global candidates
  • Ensure companies are compliant with all local labor laws
  • The cultural fit of the candidate within the company's working environment

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