The Frightening Facts of Email Attacks

download the latest whitepaper about The Frightening Facts of Email Attacks Electronic mails have become an integral part of business communication in the 21st century. According to an email statistic report, there were over 205 billion emails sent every day in 2015. And this number is expected to rise by 5% every year. With emails playing such an important part of the corporate world, businesses also need to know what makes emails so vulnerable to attacks, and why should they secure it. Businesses use emails to send and receive a lot of data, which comprises personal information, financial performance, strategic forecasting, and others. This is the kind of data companies need to make sure is protected from email attacks.

Why is email security required?

There are various statistics that explain the importance of email security. The following are a few of them:
  • 66% of malware is delivered via email attachment
  • 85% of organizations have been victims of a phishing attack
  • 91% of cyber attacks start with a phishing email

How can businesses deal with email security threats?

As the frequency of cyber attacks is increasing, it has become even more important for businesses to adopt solutions to reduce this risk. Some of the ways to do this are:
  • Using multiple layers of security
  • Providing user awareness training

Key takeaways from The Frightening Facts of Email Attacks:

  • Understanding the importance email security
  • How to keep your clients safe from cyber attacks

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