The Future of Business Collaboration

Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled,

Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled, "The Future of Collaboration" Undoubtedly, top trends such as globalization, mobility, IT consumerization and crowdsourcing have created a brand new landscape for modern day business collaboration. Read the following eBook from PGi that includes valuable industry insights from experts at Airwatch VMware, InterfaceFLOR, and DaVincian Healthcare. It also comes with a special introduction by Melanie Turek from Frost & Sullivan.


So what is this big collaboration shift everyone's talking about and how does it affect businesses? One of the biggest business shifts today is the steady movement towards a workplace that is virtual. Employees are now able to work remotely from different locations as those of their customers, managers and suppliers and partners. Besides this virtual workers are more effective in collaborating with their business peers rather than simply connecting and communicating.

Security in the Age of BYOD

Let's dig into the key technology trends that are shaping our collective tomorrows. Frost & Sullivan’s Melanie Turek's research shows that almost half of U.S. companies don’t have a feasible plan in place for BYOD. What does this mean? IT leaders must think strategically about the technology they are placing at the hands of their employees.

Future Impact of Artificial Intelligence

The CEO and co-founder of x.AI, Dennis R. Mortensen, is considering how AI is poised to dramatically transform workdays. This could potentially alleviate tedious tasks that clutter up work weeks such as scheduling meetings and more.

Changing How Work Gets Done

According to Blake Brannon, the VP of product marketing for VMware AirWatch, "Work is now moving away from device-based collaboration towards a new model: the digital workspace. Consumer-simple and enterprise-secure, this unified, integrated environment converges every work technology across desktop and mobile.”

Design Inspired by Nature

This is the critical link to healthy workplaces. According to Interface’s David Gerson, "More than ever before, biophilic design is changing how companies view the workplace and forcing them to evolve." The future of work is biophilic design.

Evolution of Healthcare Delivery

In the eBook, Meredith Porter, the Chief Medical Officer at DaVincian discusses big changes in an industry that is typically labelled as overly conservative and traditional. She says “Technology offers the healthcare workforce means to improve access and coordination of care delivery and ultimately, better health outcomes.” This is a critical trend for those who work in healthcare or have a vested interest in the field.

Key Takeaways from "The Future of Business Collaboration":

  • Potential business benefits such as cost savings, customer care, brand loyalty, productivity, talent acquisition and more.
  • The value of social technology to business
  • The consumerization of IT and BYOD
  • Mobility and the mobile worker
  • Globalization of business in a shrinking world
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