The Future Of Identity And Access Management

Read the latest whitepaper titled,

Read the latest whitepaper titled, "The Future Of Identity And Access Management" on Whitepapers Online We live in an age where security threats are escalating and there are every-increasing data-breaches. In such situations protecting customers from identity theft, account takeover and privacy abuses, reliable identity and access management capabilities are required. To make things simpler, identity and access management solutions are implemented. Identity and access management has led on to become an essential component of personal and business lives as the technological and societal landscape continues to rapidly change. With the growing importance of IAM solutions, security and risk professionals are turning to a new generation of customer IAM tools. This enables them to engage consumers while still protecting them throughout their period of association. Having said that, we necessarily can not completely and accurately predict what the future holds for this technology. But all it can be said that this technology will surely continue to change the way we function in the years to come which will require a new approach to identity and access management.

Why IAM is Essential?

When your organization implements identity and access management solutions, you tend to have a significant competitive advantage in several ways. It so happens sometimes that you need to give users outside your organization access to internal systems. This is when IAM solutions come to the rescue. An IAM system can bolster regulatory compliance by providing the tools to implement comprehensive security, audit and access policies. Many systems now provide features designed to ensure that an organization is in compliance. The three most important reasons why you need an IAM tool are as follows:
  • Improved data security
  • Reduced security costs
  • More effective access to resources

Ways in Which IAM is Changing

Identity management and artificial intelligence go on to revolutionize security beyond people, places, and things. It goes on to manage today as an increasing number of devices and systems and communicate with and learn from one another without human intervention. Form a business standpoint, distributed and trusted identity concept are adopted by every object, service, and system. An individual may have multiple identities but still will be recognized as the person and the identities of smart things will be linked to individuals owning the objects. With the increasing number of highly potent identities, global identity service providers go on to register identities and maintain identity directories.

How is IoT Affecting Identity And Access Management?

IAM in an IoT world is evolving to manage employees, customers, devices and connected things. Along with that the complex digital relationships between all of them. IoT is specifically affceting IAM in the below mentioned ways.
  • Enhances customer experience
  • Provides a more tailored digital experience for customers
  • Makes the customer more powerful
  •  Makes business operations more efficient
  • Improves security as a whole

Key Takeaways from "The Future Of Identity And Access Management"

  • IAM is a crucial component for the utmost secure environment of an organization
  • The new generation of IAM tools are designed to support new digital business models and customer requirements
  • IoT is one of the most used IAM technology in the market
  • IoT-ready IAM is scalable, flexible and high-performing
  • CIAM solutions provide a perfect combination of features including, customer registration, self-service account management and more
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