The Impact of Surface Pro on Education

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Read the latest whitepaper titled, "The Impact of Surface Pro on Education" on Whitepapers Online The education sector has reached a higher stage of digitalization. To support this progress, the Surface Pro is one of the most useful inventions made by Microsoft. This device is designed in a particular way that will have an impact on the teaching and study patterns of the teachers and students respectively. For more professionals working in the educational sector to know about Surface Pro, a study was conducted by Forrester. The purpose of this study was to provide decision-makers at schools and similar organizations with a framework to evaluate the potential quantitative and qualitative impact of a 1:1 device strategy with Surface Pro to improve teaching and learning. For the purpose of this study, Forrester interviewed four primary and secondary schools that have a 1:1 device strategy for students and teachers. It was found that the Surface Pro enables better adoption of programs like OneNote. It is highly being appreciated by students and teachers for the ease of use it provides. Let's have a look at more in-depth information about this device and the benefits it brings.

What is Surface Pro?

The Surface Pro comes with the full Windows 8 operating system which runs on an Intel Ivy Bridge processor. The device was released by Microsoft with Windows RT in October 2012. It provides USB 3.0 support, a Secure Digital Extended Capacity (SDXD) expansion slot, a digital display interface called DisplayPort and twice the storage capacity of the RT version. The benefit of Surface Pro to the education sector is that it is highly portable and powerful in its own manner. The device has a type keyboard and stylus pen. This helps the teachers to better prepare for class. It is a single tool that can be used by students for reading, taking notes, completing assignments. It is a highly reliable tool for education because it is supported by Microsoft.

How Does Surface Pro Improves Schools?

As the education industry undergoes a major shift led by the mobile generation, it has become increasingly crucial for educators and educational institutions to infuse technology into their pedagogy to ensure students are as engaged and excited about learning as they are browsing various social media app all day long. To resolve this issue to a certain extent, the Surface Pro was made user-friendly for educational purposes. It is said to be the best-in-class device to help educators redefine their methods of teaching and helps students to learn on-the-go. Following are some of the major effects of Surface Pro on schools:
  • It makes schools smarter
  • Empowering teaching professionals
  • Better student engagement
  • Makes IT simpler to manage & reduces operating costs

Key Takeaways from "The Impact of Surface Pro on Education"

  • The surface pro enables more productive teacher preparation time
  • The use of the device reduces the use of paper, printing, and lowers textbook costs
  • The costs of IT drastically decreases
  • Student homework completion is higher and improved performance rate can be seen
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