The Missing Link to the Single Customer View: Unlocking In-Store Personalization

The Missing Link to the Single Customer View: Unlocking In-Store Personalization

The Missing Link to the Single Customer View: Unlocking In-Store Personalization A lot of retailers have realized the importance of personalizing their customers’ shopping experience. This needs to be done across all channels. Personalization of experience is a big area for all retailers to perfect. It is something all retailers struggle with because they are still in the testing and learning process. Personalization can come in many forms. It can be tailored communication, or it can be deals and promotions with specific targeting, or it can even include recommended products based on the user's purchase history. The current state of online shopping is already quite personalized on each platform, but the in-store experience is still lacking and can be improved to adapt for each individual.

In-Store Technologies

The ability to track people or objects across a certain space is known as indoor positioning. This creates the foundation for monitoring consumer activity and behavior. This way retailers can collect all critical information that is necessary for a holistic view of their shoppers individually. Indoor positioning also comes with other benefits for their retailers, which is why adopting various in-store technologies should be deployed to improve their business. Below is a list of some main sensor technologies that can be used as part of the indoor positioning infrastructure:
  • Bluetooth Beacons
  • Wi-Fi
  • Audio
  • Visible Light Communication
  • Video Analytics

Benefits to Customers

Adopting this technology also comes with benefits for customers who share their location. Their incentives can be split into three categories which are navigation, education and promotion, and each pillar brings value for the shopper throughout their journey.
  • Navigation: Shoppers can navigate around the store and guided based on their personal preference
  • Education: Shoppers have access to knowledge and information about the products in-store, real-time and on demand
  • Promotion: Shoppers also receive real-time, personalized promotions from the store that pique their interest

Single Customer View

Instead of pleasing the masses, retailers are shifting their focus to enhance the in-store experience for each individual. Retailers want to provide a personalized shopping journey for every customer. The only way to achieve this is to unravel a single view of their customers individually by treating each customer as a single entity and then tracking their experience from the first interaction to their purchase and tailoring their experience accordingly. Each occasion, regardless of the device or the setting needs to be personalized for each individual.

Key Takeaways:

  • In-store personalization for customers is becoming increasingly important for retailers
  • The need to tailor customer journeys and improve their experience is growing to ensure the brand's success
  • Each customer needs to be treated as a separate entity and the brand's promotions, settings and products need to be tailored accordingly

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