The Power of Sales Intelligence

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Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled 'The Power of Sales Intelligence' Looking at how the field of business software is shaping up, it’s apparent that a huge chunk is composed of specialized tools for finance, human resource management, marketing ,and other strategy-centric departments. For sales, however, the surge of available tech is a very recent development. No matter how skilled in pitching your workforce is, it’s very tough to close sales, nurture leads and move leads along the sales funnel if the selection of the target audience is misleading. This is where Sales Intelligence comes into the picture. Sales intelligence is using a particular type of information to keep the conversation going with your leads in order to close a sale. The reason being, it provides more specific information from the customer, so you can provide better service to the

What is Sales Intelligence?

Sales intelligence is an array of technologies, practices and applications. It allows the presentation, integration, evaluation, collation ,and analysis of customer data. Sales intelligence gives sales organizations pertinent information and better insight into who their campaigns are reaching, the prospects they are selling to and thus helping them to come up with solutions that will result in better performance of sales teams. Sales intelligence is useful when it delivers what it says it will. It is basically implementing the right ideas at the right time and with the right resources.

Challenges Faced in a Sales Process

No company is exempt from sales challenges. Even the most high-performing sales teams face obstacles in developing buyer relationships and effectively communicating with prospects and customers. What sets successful companies apart is their ability to strategically overcome these sales challenges. How exactly can you do so in today’s changing sales landscape? Here are the top sales challenges faced by teams:
  1. Finding qualified leads
  2. Sales and marketing alignment
  3. Data quality and management
  4. Standing Apart from Competitors
  5. Maintaining customer relationships post-sale
  6. Client success and retention

How does Sales Intelligence Helps?

1. Prospecting:

The sales process begins with prospecting. Sales intelligence helps organizations to proceed by using specific sales triggers that influence purchasing decisions of the target audience. A strong intelligence platform brings together multiple sources of predictive and actionable intelligence, alerting sales and marketing teams to early-stage opportunities as they arise.

2. Organizational Charts

Closing a sale on an average requires between 4-5 decision makers.  By implementing sales intelligence you’re able to provide your team with detailed organizational charts. This gives visibility to the decision making process, while keeping relevant decision-makers in the loop.

3. Aligning Sales and Marketing

For the sales process to function efficiently, the sales team has to work in tandem with the marketing team. By threading quality data through various CRM systems, intelligence platform integrations keep respective teams working efficiently and feeding positive results. Integration also instills trust: Both in the data and in the work conducted by the other department.

4. Great Content

Detailed content improves the performance of any sales organization, but it also works the other way around. By creating content that is relevant and useful to your audience, you’re encouraging them to move along the sales funnel. It helps with lead generation too as sales intelligence ensures that the content will reach the right people, at the right place, and at the right time.

Key Takeaways from 'The Power of Sales Intelligence'

  • Sales intelligence helps you skip the middle-man and go straight to the decision maker, effectively shortening the sales process
  • When you can find the right people with one click, you can spend more time refining your sales and marketing efforts to make the biggest impact
  • Sales Intelligence helps you identify prospects specific pain points so you can personalize your messages directly to them
  • Sales Intelligence enhances and assists in growing your business and increasing revenue.
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