The Regulatory Landscape Widens: Carriers and Shippers Alike on the Hook for Capacity, Compliance and Safety Performance

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There are a lot of regulations companies need to follow when it comes to the transportation industry. With the rise of the speed and the sheer number of regulations that the transportation sector needs to follow, there is a rise in need of focusing on mitigation of risks for the companies. If transportation companies do not manage to stay on top of all the new changes being made, they might expose their supply chain and leave it vulnerable to capacity, compliance as well as safety issues. The new rules and regulations will obviously have an impact on the businesses and the timing of their implementation is what will be crucial for shippers to help them understand the key points of all the recently adopted regulations as well.

Recent Regulations in Effect

There are new regulations in effect that focus on using technologies that are more environmentally friendly and energy efficient across various states. They come with various measures of compliance for tractors as well as trailers. The amendment in the assembly bill is a determining factor whether or not a person is considered an employee of a certain company or just an independent contractor working with the company. There are also regulations based on the amount of training and the type of training drivers need to undergo to practice as well as the various levels of it to be able to determine which material they are skilled to carry. Regular drug and alcohol tests will also be conducted for drivers to see whether or not they have a problem. If they test positive or refuse to submit the required tests, they will be removed. There are also many regulations made on various factors such as if the drivers were in the military or not, or the difference it makes if the driver is diabetic, having a compliant ELD installed in each commercial vehicle, different rules with the medical examinations and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are a lot of new rules and regulations in place for commercial drivers
  • They need to stay on top of these rules so that they can remain compliant and lawful
  • The Regulatory Landscape Widens: Carriers and Shippers Alike on the Hook for Capacity, Compliance and Safety PerformanceBy following all the regulations they eliminate a lot of risks to their career

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